Vision And Values

At Foresight, we are focused on investing for a smarter future. This means: 

Spotting opportunities first

We spot opportunities ahead of the crowd.

Being flexible

We take a flexible approach to our decisions.

Being innovative

We are innovative in our decision making.

Being fast and clear

We adopt a fast and transparent approach to our decision making processes.

Applying our people's expertise

We apply the expertise of our people to solve problems, to overcome obstacles, to push deals across the line.

Our six core values, that we consider as FUTURE, are:

Forward Looking

With a 30+ year experience, we constantly think ahead to ensure we continue to deliver attractive returns for our investors. Our infrastructure investments help solve some of the major energy infrastructure challenges around the world. Whilst our SME investments help grow the UK economy.


Our diversity of experience and skills gives us a deep understanding of the sectors in which we operate. We have an established and extensive networks of advisers, developers, contractors, investors and regulators, and work collaboratively to deliver solutions that benefit all parties.


Giving up is not in our nature, we work hard to effect real change. We continuously deploy our expertise to overcome obstacles, resolve issues and challenge the status quo. Our long-term strategic approach keeps us resilient to challenges and responsive to change.


We don’t do things by halves. Our teams operate with professional commitment and perseverance, leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of delivering lasting value for our investors.


We listen to our investors and are open-minded and receptive to change. We respond quickly and our flexible structure means we can identify opportunities early. We bring innovative products to market swiftly to meet the needs of our investors and to stimulate growth in our markets. 


We’re optimistic, engaging and committed. We encourage new ideas and work with passion to bring them to market. We think fast, act decisively and appropriately and know what is needed to make things happen. We feel strongly about the impact our investments have on our investors, partners, colleagues and the world in which we live.

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