Foresight is the appointed manager or adviser of a number of VCTs and Investment Funds (each of which is a fully listed company on the London Stock Exchange), Limited Partnerships, EIS and other funds.

Foresight manages and advises the VCTs and Investment Funds on behalf of their respective Boards and reports regularly to the Boards and shareholders on the performance of each Company. Similarly, Foresight manages and advises the governing bodies of the other Foresight products, and provides reporting to those governing bodies as well as the investors. 

Foresight’s management and advice is provided by Foresight Group LLP, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and Foresight Guernsey CI Limited, which is licensed and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

Foresight Group LLP  is a limited liability partnership made up of eighteen partners, including one corporate partner, Foresight Group CI Limited. The individual partners who are listed below are responsible for the management and operation of Foresight Group LLP:

Conflicts of Interest - as mandated by Financial Conduct Authority and the Guernsey Financial Services Commission rules and regulations, Foresight has in place internal policies and guidelines which seek to reduce the instances where conflicts of interest might arise and address any conflicts that do arise in a way that deals fairly with the interests of all the parties involved.


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