Bernard Fairman and Peter English met in 1982 whilst working at the technology-focused venture capital firm, 3i Ventures. In 1984 they founded Foresight Group, originally named Fleming Ventures, and raised a £20 million venture capital fund sponsored by Robert Fleming. The fund invested in unquoted technology companies in the UK, Europe and USA, and ultimately delivered a 4x cash return to investors.


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Bernard Fairman - Chairman of Foresight Group

Bernard Fairman has more than 30 years investment experience and as Chairman of the Group is responsible for Foresight’s strategic direction. He oversees the Executive Committee which manages the firm day to day. Bernard began his career at Panmure Gordon as an oil investment analyst. He then worked at investment bank Edward Bates, and with several electronics companies before joining 3i Ventures in 1981.

Katy Lewin - PA to Bernard Fairman
  • Phone: +44 (0)20 3667 8111

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Peter English - Partner

Peter English started his career as an Engineering Manager at GEC Semi Conductors before spending 10 years at Nortel & Bell as an Engineering and Marketing Manager. He was recruited by 3i Ventures in 1982 which was formed to make early-stage technology investments in Europe and North America. Although now semi-retired, Peter maintains a keen interest in the firm as a mentor to the Private Equity team, and has over 40 years’ investment experience.

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