Our Offer 

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Unlike the traditional MAPs where finance comes from banks, our innovative funding approach allows us to secure you the lowest possible MAP costs and in turn improve your Smart Investment case with no increase in your risk profile.

We have a market leading offer that can provide a better and more cost effective map solution that will benefit you and your end customers: 20-30% cost reduction.

Foresight metering offer

How moving away from the established "MAP duopoly" to Foresight Metering does not increase your risk.

We are committed to working with Energy Retailers to ensure that industry uncertainty and market risk are fairly balanced, for example we

  • have worked with manufacturers and the wider smart metering supply chain to share the risk for warranties without adding inflated premiums to our offerings;
  • have supported Energy Retailers in deciding the right roles between MAPs and Energy Retailers for firmware management and execution.
  • are proactively engaging industry bodies such as DECC, Energy UK and Ofgem to better understand progress and developments in this changing market.

Less competition in the market prescribes future commercial risk for Energy Retailers. By widening the market, Foresight Metering is driving competition and innovation and reducing future 'lock-in' risk;

With our outsourced and experienced administration provider, Utility Funding Limited (‘UFL’) we believe the service provided will exceed today's expectations, and so are keen to be judged on our performance and the competitive pricing we offer.