Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency in the UK continues to be a large, growth market:

  • Up to 30% of the energy used by UK corporates continues to be wasted1
  • A focus area for UK Government with concerns of usage outstripping supply over the medium term
  • Corporations and public sector bodies increasingly targeting cost savings in this area, in many cases seeking off balance sheet solutions to optimise their return on capital

1 CBI: “Climate Change, Everyone’s business”; McKinsey analysis.


An energy efficiency solution typically includes the implementation of energy efficiency measures and the installation or replacement of energy saving or energy generation equipment. Energy efficiency measures might include servicing and repair of existing equipment, implementation and monitoring behavioural change programmes or sourcing energy more efficiently.  In each case a full solution is provided supported by the energy saving or energy generation equipment.

Energy Saving Equipment: This may include:  

Voltage optimisation units Voltage optimisation units – designed to reduce the overall electrical energy demand of a building

Air handling systems Air handling systems – includes air conditioning, heating and humidity management

Low energy lighting  Low energy lighting – often LEDs

Replacement, efficient gas or biomass boilers Replacement, efficient gas or biomass boilers – sized to meet the specific requirements of a building

Insulation measures Insulation measures – includes fridge doors, double glazing and cavity wall insulation


Efficient Energy Generation: Installations may vary, are often referred to as ‘on-site power’, and commonly include:

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units (whether fuelled by gas, diesel or renewable fuels), which deliver a consistent level of electricity and hot water to a building

Ground / air source heat pumps Ground / air source heat pumps – an established technology throughout the world

Anaerobic digesters Anaerobic digesters – provide a source of on-site power

 Heat recovery power generators Heat recovery power generators, which generate electricity using the excess heat from large industrial processes

Fuel Switching:

In addition, we have worked with customers, including CEMEX, on projects to replace dirty, expensive and inefficient fuel oil with cleaner natural gas. These fuel switching energy efficiency projects reduce energy bills and CO2 emissions.

Recent Foresight Energy Efficiency Transactions

Company Investment Size / Date Deal Structure

Leisure Efficiency Ltd. 
Voltage optimisation and HVAC


January 2015 


34 voltage optimisation installations and one HVA swimming pool system

7 year deal 

Industrial Efficiency Ltd
Fuel Switching 


January 2015 


Installation of gas pipeline at a Lincoln site to replace diesel oil 

3 year deal 

Industrial Efficiency II Ltd
Multiple fuel switching projects


July 2014


Installation of gas and electricity connections to replace diesel oil at nine sites across the UK 

Approx 5 year deal 

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