Renewable Energy Enabling

A transformational change is underway in global energy markets due to increased renewable energy generation, the phasing out of certain fossil fuelled generation and a move towards more distributed energy and smart grids.  

The disruptive impact of renewables and distributed generation coupled with low power prices has created increasing challenges for conventional generation.  

This change in the energy market presents considerable opportunities to invest in Renewable-Enabling Infrastructure.

The build-out of renewable energy has been one of the key features of a period of transformational change which is playing out in developed economies.  This is putting unprecedented strain on transmission and distribution networks globally due to intermittency of supply, lack of system inertia and power quality issues associated with renewable energy sources.  This has resulted in an acute, growing requirement for Flexible Generation and Energy Storage.

In the markets where we operate, the economic profile of such investments varies depending on the prevailing government subsidy regime, local equipment and construction costs.


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