Overview and Strategy

Foresight has been investing in the bioenergy sector since 2006, focusing on recycling and renewable energy sectors. Our award winning team has wide ranging experience within the sector, combining a range of technical, industrial and financial skills.

We manage several funds in the UK and Australia for institutional and private investors.  These funds are focused on the waste sector, particularly the generation of green energy using biomass as feedstock.  Foresight is also a shareholder in Bioenergy Infrastructure Group, an independent power producer focused on the aggregation of UK Biomass and Energy from Waste (EfW) assets.

Through our international team of bioenergy and waste management specialists, we have mobilised capital investment in the UK of around £900 million into 31 waste projects, with a waste processing capacity of over 1.8 million tonnes per annum, diverting c. 900,000 tonnes of waste from landfill annually, generating 134MW of clean energy and saving in excess of 750,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.

Our Funds

Foresight Environmental Fund (FEF)

The Fund was fully invested by March 2016.

UK Waste Resources and Energy Investments LP (UKWREI)

The Fund is fully deployed in eight portfolio companies in the renewable energy and related waste infrastructure sectors across the UK. Five companies are now operational, with a further two in commissioning and one under construction.

Recycling and Waste LP (RAW)

The Fund has completed 12 investments to date, committing a total of £32.2 million. Three plants are now operational, with a further 10 plants under construction.

Waste Assets LP (TWALP)

A single asset Fund invested in a waste-to-energy plant, currently under construction, in a waste to energy gasification plant in Hertfordshire.

Australian Bioenergy Fund (ABF)

Cornerstoned by Australia’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), the Fund will support investment in a broad range of projects producing clean energy from agricultural, council, forestry and mining waste.

Foresight Anaerobic Digestion EIS Fund

Foresight Anaerobic Digestion (AD) EIS Fund invests in on farm AD projects using a mature, well-understood renewable energy technology which is both EIS qualifying and which continues to benefit from fiscal incentives including the Renewable Obligation Certificate ("ROC”), Feed-in Tariff ("FiT”) and/or Renewable Heat Incentive ("RHI”) regimes.

Full Name

Foresight Anaerobic Digestion (AD) EIS Fund

Fund Closing Date

April 2015

Fund size

£21.6 million


UK-based Private Investors



Investment Status

Fully invested

Portfolio (31 Dec 2016)

Five companies


The development, construction and operation of new Anaerobic Digestion waste infrastructure and/or the extension of existing waste infrastructure



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