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Foresight Schools PFI Portfolio

  • Regions: Northern Ireland, Scotland and West Midlands
  • Investment Dates: October 2012, December 2012 & January 2013
  • Project Cost: £7,700,000.

Foresight recently invested in four schools PFI projects, acquiring stakes in the Drumglass High School PFI project in Northern Ireland, the Stirling Schools PFI Project in Scotland, Sandwell Schools PFI Project and Staffordshire Schools PFI Project, both of which are located in the West Midlands.

Across the four investments Foresight has 13 individual school buildings under management.

Largest Holdings

PFI Project £m
Stirling Schools 2.3
Drumglass High School 2.0
Sandwell Schools 1.9
Staffordshire Schools 1.5
PFI Projects £m
Sitrling Schools 2.3
Drumglass High School 2.0
Sandwell Schools  1.9
Staffordshire Schools 1.5

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