Foresight Environmental Fund

A £60.6 million fund launched in March 2011 with a cornerstone commitment of £35 million from the European Investment Bank, in part funded by the European Regional Development Fund ("ERDF"), the London Waste and Recycling Board ("LWaRB") and other institutional investors.

Regio Stars 2015ERDF
  • Forecast to be fully deployed shortly
  • Average total project size of £12m
  • Average equity investment of £7m
  • Total capital mobilised to date of £85m

Fund Portfolio

Environmental Fund

PlasRecycle Ltd

The FEF invested £7.5m into PlasRecycle, a start-up company developing the UK’s first specialised post-consumer bag and film recycling plant. It has a re-processing capability of 20,000 tonnes per annum.

East London Biogas Limited

The FEF invested £9m into East London Biogas Ltd in order to develop a 30,000 tonnes per annum AD plant providing 1.4MW of energy, and a 19,000 tonnes per annum IVC plant. The facility has been developed at a 4.71 acre site located on the Sustainable Industry Park in Dagenham, East London and became fully operational in April 2014.

Closed Loop Recycling Ltd

The FEF invested £8.3m into Closed Loop Recycling, the world's first food grade mixed plastic bottle recycling plant. Its reprocessing technology enables it to sort, granulate, wash and clean 20,000 tonnes of recovered plastic bottles and turn them back into recycled raw material for new food and drink packaging.


The FEF invested £9m into London Recycling & Renewable Energy, a renewable energy development company, to develop an 85,000 tonnes per annum Materials Recovery Facility ("MRF”) and 4.5MW waste-to-energy plant in Beddington Lane, South Croydon.

Edmonton PC Ltd

The FEF invested £8.7m in order to acquire a 1.4 hectare site at Gibbs Road, Edmonton with planning permission to develop a 16MW biomass Combined Heat and Power ("CHP”) plant.

Willen Biogas Ltd

The FEF invested £7.5m, alongside a further £7.5m from the Foresight GIB fund, into Willen Biogas. This is a 30,000 tonnes per annum food waste AD plant and 25,000 tonnes per annum green waste composting facility in Enfield, North London. The project will provide new capacity for the treatment of London waste.

Orion Support Services Ltd

The FEF invested £2m into Orion Support Services, a multi-faceted support service company dedicated to advanced and waste solutions. The investment aims to expand Orion's existing Commercial and Industrial ("C&I”) and Construction and Demolition ("C&D”) waste collection business through the relocation of operations to a new site in Canning Town, London.