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Venture Capital Trusts

Foresight has been raising and managing Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) since 1997 and is now one of the largest VCT Fund managers in the UK, responsible for over £235m million of VCT funds.

Foresight now manages five VCTs with over 12,000 shareholders. Some of our VCTs are amongst the best performers in their respective vintages, make regular dividend payments and include the best performing VCT ever*.  

Foresight has successfully launched four VCTs, the first being Foresight VCT. Because of our successful track record the management of seven other VCTs has been transferred to Foresight over recent years, namely Acuity Growth VCT, Acuity VCT 3, Advent VCT, Advent 2 VCT, Keydata Income VCT, Keydata Income 2 VCT and Noble VCT. Foresight has successfully raised funds for many of these VCTs subsequently through top up fundraisings.

VCTs typically invest in small UK unquoted companies which carry a significant degree of risk, when compared to larger listed companies. To better understand the risks associated with investing in a VCT, please click here - risks.

Through its tax advantaged VCTs, Foresight aims to deliver consistent tax free dividends to shareholders by investing in various alternative asset classes and aims to offer new VCT investment opportunities in each tax year.

* As at November 2011 Tax Efficient Review