Foresight Smart Bonds Fund

The Fund

Foresight Smart Bonds Fund offers investors the opportunity to make investments in tranches of one, two and three year fixed rate term loans used to fund Smart Meters on long term rental agreements with UK energy suppliers.

The Smart Meter programme is the largest infrastructure programme of our generation, with a government mandate to install up to 53 million Smart Meters in over 30 million residential and commercial properties in the UK. The cost alone is estimated at £6 billion.

The Foresight Smart Bonds Fund will lend to companies that own, operate and rent installed Smart Meters to UK energy suppliers. Investors are able to access attractive returns over one, two or three years, from a low risk asset class derived from asset backed loans made to blue-chip counterparties including the UK’s big 6 electricity and gas suppliers.


Key Features

Choice of investment term: one, two or three years

Choice of interest payment annually or at end of term

Track Record - dedicated, experienced in house team

 Government mandated roll out of Smart Meters

 No initial or annual asset management charges

Key Benefits

Attractive fixed returns

 Lower risk asset class

Asset backed - loans secured against smart meter assets

 Loans made to blue-chip counterparties

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