Fund Information

Investment Type Fixed rate term loans
Investment Duration Investors can choose from one, two and three year fixed term loans
Interest Repayment Investors can choose to receive fixed simple interest either annually or at maturity
Investment Sector The Foresight Smart Bonds Fund will lend to companies that own, operate and rent
installed Smart Meters to UK energy suppliers
Minimum Investment £10,000 then increments of £1,000
Maximum Investment There is no maximum per individual investor. For each Tranche there is a maximum fundraising amount. Where total investor applications exceed a particular Tranche’s maximum fundraising amount, investments will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Apply early to avoid disappointment
Additional Contributions Additional contributions are not permitted. However, investors will be able to invest
in future Tranches as they become open for investment should they wish to increase their holdings through the Foresight Smart Bonds Fund
Target Investor Returns Interest options available will vary by Tranche and duration selected
Liquidity Investments in the Foresight Smart Bonds Fund are for a fixed period of either one,
two or three years. Investments are not intended to be immediately realisable.
Investors can request early redemption, which Foresight Group will endeavour to
arrange but cannot guarantee. Early withdrawals result in the last 12 months of accrued interest, and any future interest automatically being waived
Reporting Investors will receive statements in respect of each Tranche within their
portfolio. The statements will be provided bi-annually in respect of each six month
period commencing on the Tranche Investment Date

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