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Foresight Group Luxembourg S.A. ("Foresight Group Luxembourg"), as part of the Foresight Group, is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance in maintaining an effective framework for the control and management of the company. We believe that acting responsibly, transparently and with integrity is critical to how we conduct ourselves as a business and as an active asset manager.

Foresight Group Luxembourg has a number of wider policies in place, covering a range of governance issues. These include bribery and corruption, data protection and cybersecurity, whistleblowing and fraud, and are monitored by its Compliance and Governance team as appropriate.

To learn more about Foresight Group Luxembourg's policies, please see below: 

Regulatory Notice

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation Statement


Foresight Energy Infrastructure Partners (FEIP) SFDR Product Disclosure


Foresight Italian Green Bond Fund (IGB) SFDR Product Disclosure


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