Foresight Energy Infrastructure Partners

The energy system across Europe and globally is undergoing a large-scale transition to clean energy, led by the swift build-out of renewable energy generation. With this build-out comes a requirement for renewable-enabling infrastructure that can provide flexibility to the grid in order to accommodate the variable power output of renewable energy assets. Simultaneously, an aging electricity grid that was designed for a centralised, fossil fuel-based system presents further opportunities for investment and upgrades to suit the more distributed profile of renewable energy, which is typically widely dispersed around the energy system.

Foresight Energy Infrastructure Partners ("FEIP") is a sustainability-led private markets energy transition strategy launched in January 2020, which aims to capitalise on the opportunities arising from the energy transition in Europe, the US and Australia.

FEIP will invest in a portfolio of energy infrastructure assets with specific sub-sector weightings designed to optimise the risk-adjusted return and maximise impact through power sector decarbonisation.

The majority of investments will be made into greenfield projects where we can utilise our experience of managing projects during construction, with the aim of delivering a premium return to investors. The Fund will retain a proportional allocation for investment into operational projects to provide an element of cash yield.

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By setting out transparent, industry-specific thresholds to direct investment flows towards building a low carbon, resilient and resource-efficient economy, the EU Taxonomy defines the criteria that economic activities must meet in order to be considered "sustainable".

We believe there is significant value in having our assets' compliance with the Taxonomy validated by an independent third party. This provides investors with additional reassurance that projects are making a genuine contribution to global sustainability targets. FEIP aims to be one of the first fully EU Taxonomy-compliant investment funds.

Click here to read the Principles for Responsible Investment's case study on EU Taxonomy validation for FEIP.

"We are fully supportive of the EU Taxonomy and are delighted to have received this independent validation from ACL for FEIP's first two investments. We will be applying this approach across the entire FEIP portfolio in due course and are proud to be investing for a smarter future."
Richard Thomspon , Partner and Fund Manager
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