Powering industry with up to 100% clean energy

As the second largest owner and manager of solar assets in Europe, and with plants operating globally, we have been generating clean energy for more than ten years. Our 162 global plants have an installed capacity of more than 1.5GW – that’s enough to power 560,000 homes.

Shotwick is a 72MW (peak) solar farm. At the time of acquisition, not only was it the largest solar farm in the UK, but it comprises the largest private wire in Europe, which makes it unique in that it enables the nearby UPM Paper Mill to be powered by up to 100% renewable energy during daylight hours. UPM was able to buy renewable power at a cheaper rate directly from our Shotwick solar farm than they could fossil fuel from the National Grid – proving the viability of renewable power at a large industrial scale.

Sound too good to be true? Tim Humpage, from British Solar Renewables explains how we’ve achieved this.

This is just one example of how our specialists are helping make a smarter future for our investors, for our investee companies, for our partners, for our colleagues and ultimately for the world in which we live.

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