Reducing CO2 by turning the lights on

Saving carbon emissions by turning the lights on might sound counter-intuitive, but Pagano & Ascolillo S.p.A. has developed a series of LED streetlighting projects in up to six municipalities of Italy that are incredibly efficient.

The Foresight Italian Green Bond Fund issued the €11.7 million project bond to support the design, construction and management of up to 17,000 streetlights in Polla and Giugliano, and in municipalities across Campania, Lazio and Calabria.

The retrofit projects cover the development, design, construction and management of the LED street lights. LED street lighting is an established energy efficiency technology providing cheaper, easier to control street lighting.

The latest innovation includes the development of remote operation and real-time control systems which allow for managed control of street lighting networks down to an individual lamp. This provides multiple advantages from balancing electricity demand to improved monitoring and fault detection.

LED lights are 40% - 60% more efficient than traditional bulbs and last at least four times as long, delivering superior light quality whilst using less energy. Once operational, these projects will be actively monitored for improved efficiency by controlling their usage and brightness according to demand. With the LEDs providing superior lighting quality and burning up less energy the projects are expected to reduce CO2 emissions by around 10,000 tonnes per year.

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