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Foresight Metering Limited (FML) is a growing and dynamic Meter Asset Provider (MAP) working to develop sustainable partnerships with energy providers across the UK. FML works to provide a competitive cost of capital for customers and shareholders and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Foresight Group

The UK government has mandated that 54 million smart meters must be installed across 30 million properties by 2020. FML works with energy companies to deliver their commitments under the UK government-backed smart meter roll-out programme. With 10 years of proven operation in the smart metering market, over 350,000 meters already under long-term rental agreements and contracts with over 90 energy retailers, Foresight Metering Limited is well placed in this growing market.

90+ energy retailers...

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350,000 meters under management

We have 350,000 I&C, AMR and domestic SMETS1 & SMETS2 meters under management

10 years experience

We have 10 years of proven operation in the advanced and smart metering market

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Turning landfill into renewable energy

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Powering industry with up to 100% clean energy

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