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3.1GWrenewable energygeneration
c.330infrastructure assets managed acrosssixteen asset classes

1.8m tonnesbioenergy and wasteprocessing per annum
Figures as at 30 September 2021

Investment in the European unlisted infrastructure market is at an all-time high, having risen to £200 billion in 2019 and grown at an annual rate of 19.2% since 2009.

Renewables is expected to become a more prominent source of energy, accounting for c.80% of new power generating capacity between 2019 and 2050, driving significant investment into the sector. The Global decarbonisation agenda is driving this investment.

Europe is at the forefront of this market and with many EU members setting strict targets for renewable energy contribution in order to meet the EU’s target for 86% of total European electricity to be generated from renewable sources, with wind and solar accounting for 73%.

We provide diversification by investing in a wide range of asset classes and geographies.

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Private Equity

7 UKoffices


1,800business plansreviewed every year

Figures as at 30 September 2021

We provide growth capital and replacement capital investments through our network of offices in London, Nottingham, Manchester, Leicester, Milton Keynes, Cambridge and Edinburgh. Transactions are typically originated by regionally-focused investment team members with deep local knowledge and connections and further operational and strategic support is provided as necessary from our London team.

We aim to be the provider of choice for sub-£5 million investments.

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