Private Equity Team

With backgrounds in industry, strategy consultancy, banking, corporate finance, technology, entrepreneurship, private equity and accountancy, our award-winning private equity team works with management to apply expertise and experience with a view to enhance and build long-term value and ultimately realise investments successfully. 

We pride ourselves on our track record, having delivered a near 3x return on investment on our full and partial exits since 2010.

To find out more about partnering with Foresight, contact our private equity team

Russell Healey play_arrow

Russell Healey

Partner, Head of Private Equity

James Livingston play_arrow

James Livingston


Matt Smith play_arrow

Matt Smith


John Holden play_arrow

John Holden


Rodney Appiah play_arrow

Rodney Appiah


Claire Alvarez play_arrow

Claire Alvarez


Mike Quinn play_arrow

Mike Quinn


Ray Harris play_arrow

Ray Harris


Stephan Gueorguiev play_arrow

Stephan Gueorguiev

Senior Investment Manager

Ben Dawson play_arrow

Ben Dawson

Senior Investment Manager

Chris Wardle play_arrow

Chris Wardle

Senior Investment Manager

Amy Crofton play_arrow

Amy Crofton

Senior Investment Manager

John Cordrey play_arrow

John Cordrey

Senior Investment Manager

Andy Bloxam play_arrow

Andy Bloxam

Senior Investment Manager

David Turner play_arrow

David Turner

Senior Investment Manager

Matt Pomroy play_arrow

Matt Pomroy

Investment Manager

Rob Jones play_arrow

Rob Jones

Investment Manager

Matthew Evans-Young play_arrow

Matthew Evans-Young

Origination Manager

David Miles play_arrow

David Miles

Investment Manager

Adam Huckerby play_arrow

Adam Huckerby

Investment Manager

Nicholas Mettyear play_arrow

Nicholas Mettyear

Investment Manager

Jordan Lavender play_arrow

Jordan Lavender

Investment Analyst

Georgie Newton play_arrow

Georgie Newton

Investment Analyst

Theresa Frappell play_arrow

Theresa Frappell

Institutional Investor Relations Manager

Charis Duffy play_arrow

Charis Duffy

Institutional Investor Relations Associate