How we are making a difference

We invest for a smart future. To us that means thinking about the way we invest our clients' capital and the impact this has. Each year - amongst many other initiatives - we divert waste from landfill to convert into renewable energy; manage solar plants to power industry with up to 100% renewable energy; fund government mandated roll-outs of smart meters; and have acquired utility scale battery storage assets to balance the grid. 

2m+ tonnes waste processing capacity per annum

We have completed investments in projects with an aggregate waste processing capacity of over 2 million tonnes per annum.

750,000+ tonne annual CO2 reduction

Through our investments, we have contributed to an annual CO2 reduction of over 750,000 tonnes.

102MW generated through wind

Our wind sites generate 102MW of power.

290,000 UK homes powered

Our portfolio of solar assets generates enough electricity to annually power over 290,000 UK homes.* *Based on UK average electricity consumption per household: source Ofgem.

1.1GW generated through solar

Through our solar assets, we generate 1.1GW of power per annum.

180+ clean energy investments

We have made over 180 clean energy investments.

158MW generated through reserve power

Through our reserve power sites, we have generated 158MW.

250,000+ smart meters funded

Through Foresight Metering Limited, we have funded the roll out of over 250,000 smart meters.

As at 30 June 2018.

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