Transaction Types

We invest in a broad range of transaction types, with the aim of aligning ourselves with high-quality management teams in pursuit of sustainable value generation for the business, the management, investors and the wider environment.

Our four main categories of investment


Our regional teams work closely with their local financial adviser networks to identify appropriate opportunities for creating a smarter future for local enterprise and businesses. 

The aim of impact investing is to fill the equity gap and support social enterprise and job creation for the local community with funds that have a focus on more than just commercial returns. 

We are pleased to have been appointed as the equity funding partner for the Midlands Engine Investment Fund and have played an active role in tendering for the regional impact funds managed by the British Business Bank on behalf of the UK Government. As a partner of the Midlands Engine Investment Fund, we are helping to realise the region's potential, achieving economic growth and job creation through enterprise. 

To find out more about Foresight MEIF Equity Finance click here.


Venture investing is at the heart of what we do. Our founding partners started the business over 30 years ago to invest in the burgeoning information technology sector and we returned more than 4x to investors with that first fund. 

Foresight Ventures is a specialist team within the Foresight SME Investment. Investments are made in early-stage, knowledge-intensive businesses with disruptive technologies and highly defensible IP.

We believe venture investing is a smart solution to providing much needed capital to early stage companies who, in their own way, are working to create a smarter future

In 2015, we formed a unique collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering, the subsidiary of Williams Grand Prix Engineering to launch the Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund. The Fund focuses on early-stage companies, developing innovative and transformational technologies, with defensible IP and the potential to disrupt the market in which they operate. Williams' technical expertise in sectors including lightweight structures, aerodynamics, electronics and control systems and advanced manufacturing, alongside our investment and commercial know-how, can be harnessed to help accelerate the businesses towards commercial success.

Our venture team manages the Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund. Find out more about Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund here.


We have been providing growth capital to small companies to help fund organic expansion, capex and acquisitions for over 30 years. Each year, we review close to 1,000 investment opportunities.

We invest growth capital into SMEs across the UK through our reatil investors with our award-winning VCTs, for which we have successfully raised £60 million over the past two years and on behalf of our institutional investors through our £39 million Foresight Nottingham Fund.

The experience and expertise of our team is reflected in the awards we have won. Evidence of these can be seen at the bottom of this page.


We have a wealth of experience in buyout investing and look for established smaller businesses around the UK who are looking to unlock capital as part of an overall growth plan for the company.

With two regionally focused institutional funds - the £39 million Foresight Nottingham Fund LP and £38 million Foresight Regional Fund LP - we are able to support replacement capital opportunities in the respective regions which our VCTs are no longer able to access. This allows shareholders to release value from their businesses whilst maintaining an ongoing involvement and gaining the support of a new partner.

Our Foresight Regional Investment Fund, focuses on investing into SMEs in the North West of England, North Wales and South Yorkshire. The fund is able to invest over the full range of transaction types, including buyouts, buy-ins, equity release, acquisition finance and growth capital.


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We aim to put in place funding structures that provide strong incentives for the management team and enable them to invest in the expansion of their business. We supply growing businesses with development and acquisition funding, as well as backing MBOs, MBI and buy-and-build strategies. We also invest in equity release opportunities, enabling founders and managers to realise a proportion of their shareholding whilst retaining a stake in their business as it continues to grow. 

We understand the process of building a business and often support our investee companies with several rounds of finance.

Watch Our Mowgli Street Food Limited case study - it's an example of our Growth and Buyout investing

Mowgli is a chain of authentic Indian street food restaurants that offer food which is packed with flavour. The modern focus on healthy, light, flavoursome dishes differentiates it from traditional Indian restaurants, as does its provision of an extensive gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan offering.

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"It is really great to see Foresight’s commitment to boosting smaller businesses in the Manchester area... Clubhouse Golf has really taken off as a business since launch... and this investment will enable us to achieve the possibilities that the current rate of growth represents"
Ben Reeves, Managing Director, Clubhouse Golf