Foresight Sustainable Forestry Company Plc

Foresight Sustainable Forestry Company Plc offers investors direct and liquid access to the attractive investment characteristics of UK forestry and afforestation projects, with scope for upside via the carbon and timber markets.

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The Fund provides investors the opportunity for real returns and capital appreciation driven by the prevailing global imbalance between supply and demand for timber; the inflation-protection qualities of UK land freeholds; and biological annual tree growth not correlated to financial markets. The Fund targets a net total return of more than CPI +5%.

The Fund also offers outstanding sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) attributes and access to carbon units1 related to carbon sequestration from new afforestation planting.

1) UK Woodland Carbon Code (“WCC”) units in the form of Pending Issuance Units (“PIUs”) and Verified Carbon Units (“VCU’s” or “Woodland Carbon Units’).