Energy Management

Our investments in this area include: 

Smart Meter Funding

Funding the installation of smart meters in commercial and residential properties across the UK.

Corporate Energy Efficiency Solutions

Providing larger corporations with funding for energy efficiency solutions; improving their overall energy usage and saving valuable costs from their bottom line.

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Foresight Metering is a wholly owned subsidiary of Foresight Group. The method of financing used for Secondary PFI is used by energy retailers and their shareholders as part of the long term smart meter rollout in the UK.

Smart Metering
Foresight Metering’s innovative funding approach allows energy suppliers to optimise their investment case for smart meter deployment across their UK residential and industrial/commercial customers. With ten years of proven operations in the advanced and smart metering market, Foresight Metering has invested in building upon a proven solution to provide the right partnership approach across both large and small, independent energy suppliers.

In December 2016, Foresight Metering acquired 100% of Utility Funding Limited (“UFL”), an experienced meter asset provider for industrial and commercial customers in the UK.

Our Team
Foresight Metering’s team is made up of industry and investment experts.

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