We have over 600MW of wind assets under management in the UK, France, Germany and Sweden. These assets reflect increasing diversification across different and complementary renewables platforms. We are currently monitoring a large pipeline of both domestic and international wind opportunities for the future.

The following represents the attractiveness of Foresight's investments in the wind market:

Long term power offtake

All of our assets benefit from long term power purchase agreements with investment grade counterparties.

Tier 1 technology

All our assets benefit from tier 1 turbine technology and long term full service Operating and Maintenance Agreements with the original turbine suppliers.

De-risked operational portfolio

Our portfolio is substantially de-risked and accredited under the Renewable Obligation (“RO”) and Feed in Tariff (“FiT”) regimes.

Strong investment and management team

Dedicated team of 35 investment professionals and an infrastructure support team of 38, including an asset management and finance function.

Government backed revenues

There is strong regulatory support via RO and FIT mechanisms across all projects, providing 20 yr Government backed revenues’

Government renewable energy target

The UK Government is targeting a 20% energy generation from renewable sources by 2020. Meanwhile, the German Government are targeting 35% by 2020.

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