Social Infrastructure

We have previously invested in social infrastructure assets including: schools, hospitals, Private Finance Initiative (PFI) assets and waste processing.


PFI is a method of procurement used by the UK Government to enable public sector infrastructure projects, including schools, hospitals, libraries, fire and police stations, to be financed by private sector capital. Secondary PFI projects are operational assets where the construction phase is complete.

We have an experienced team of PFI investment professionals who use their existing strong relationships with contractors, equity investors, legal advisers, financial advisers, technical advisers and lenders across the PFI sector, to gain access to assets that are being considered for disposal.

To date we have acquired stakes in eight education and healthcare PFI projects comprising 13 schools, three hospitals and a secure mental health facility.

Waste and Water Waste

Significant opportunities exist to process municipal and commercial & industrial waste, extract and recycle valuable materials within these waste streams and convert the remaining fractions as a raw material or as a fuel for energy generation. Much of this fuel is currently exported and at Foresight, we have been keen to support efforts to build appropriate scale domestic power plants to use this resource.

For example, significant progress has been made in extracting plastic bottles from municipal waste, with most UK councils now providing kerbside collection of plastic bottles, alongside other dry recyclables such as paper. There is substantial opportunity to increase collection and recycling of plastic film and other mixed plastics and we have been at the forefront of these efforts where commercially attractive.

Foresight is invested in Oakleaf Recycling Ltd, a Material Recycling Facility (MRF) in Stanwell Moor West London, with a waste processing capacity of around 120,000 tonnes of Commercial and Industrial (C&I) waste per annum.

JLEN has invested in municipal waste management and wastewater treatment projects based in the UK including Tay Waste Water Treatment, East London Waste Authority and Dumfries and Galloway Waste Management, with 72,000m3 per day waste water capacity and c. 500,000 tonnes per annum of waste processing between them. All of JLEN’s projects are structured on a concession payment basis with Local Authorities as the contractual counterparty. Revenues received by the projects are closely correlated to RPI and carry limited volume risk.


In August 2020, Foresight acquired Pensions Infrastructure Platform Limited (PiP).

PiP is a UK-focused investment manager with expertise and experience across a range of infrastructure debt and equity investments.

PiP and Foresight are signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and the transaction further strengthens Foresight’s impressive ESG and sustainability credentials.

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