A Wild Weekend

Foresight Natural Energy skipper, Conrad Colman is getting ever closer to achieving his goal of being the first person to circumnavigate the globe with zero emissions. 

It's not been smooth sailing at all along the way, and on Friday night, when Conrad was a forecasted three days away from the finish line, disaster struck again. 

In strong winds of 30-35 knots 300nm from the coast of Portugal the boat dismasted. Conrad was unharmed and managed to free the rigging and save the boom. 

Down, but definitely not out, Conrad had to bide his time over the weekend, remaining under cover because conditions were too dangerous to work on deck. On Monday evening Conrad confirmed that he was able to make positive progress in establishing a jury rig on the dismasted boat.  He has made repairs to the boom and cut and set up standing rigging. He is now working on fashioning a sail from the bottom part of his mainsail so that he can catch the southerly winds that are forecast until Friday at least.

Conrad is naturally devastated but is determined to complete the race and realise his goal, and our support is with him all the way.