Foresight Metering: a second generation MAP

Foresight Metering has developed as a second generation meter asset provider that offers meter funding provision, asset tracking management, asset warranty management, and asset recycling and disposal. 
Foresight Metering:
• Fundamentally low the cost of meter asset provision
• Complete flexibility for energy providers
• Trust through transparency 
Fundamentally lowing the cost of meter asset provision
Unlike traditional Meter Asset Providers ("MAP”) which are financed by banks, Foresight Metering has a unique and exclusive capital structure that is enabled through its access to funds – principally Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) monies - raised by its parent company Foresight Group. This unique financial source has lower return requirements, which allows Foresight Metering to offer a market leading price to energy suppliers, meaning a saving of 20-30% on meter rental charges versus traditional MAPs. 
Complete flexibility for energy providers
Foresight Metering’s flexible funding structure provides the opportunity for energy suppliers to benefit from a competitive upfront payments. Energy suppliers can use these payments / cashback to improve project infrastructure, such as data handling technologies. 
In times of great uncertainty energy suppliers need a MAP that operates on a flexible basis. Foresight Metering operates on a highly flexible way and offers energy suppliers financing for smart meters with no minimum volume commitments. This enables energy suppliers to rollout smart meters at an appropriate pace.
Trust through transparency
It has become clear that energy retailers look for MAP suppliers who can be trustworthy and transparent, providing clear invoices and a secure warranty process. Foresight Metering offers energy suppliers open book accounting along with market benchmarking throughout deal lifetime as a way to show that returns are both fair and competitive. 
Foresight Metering can facilitate the aims of energy suppliers who are looking to be innovative and integrate useful technologies into their businesses, whilst at the same time delivering a fair and flexible MAP service.