Funds with exposure to infrastructure dominate fund raising rankings | Blog

Leading data and research agency, Financial Express publishes an annual ranking of funds in the specialist sector based on inflows over the previous 12 months.  

Foresight’s first open-ended investment fund, FP Foresight UK Infrastructure Income Fund, achieved the 5th largest fundraise of any fund over this period.

In recent months, we have reported on the growing appetite for infrastructure funds and their subsequent increase in availability in order to meet demand. Analysts cite the key drivers of the trend as lower correlation to equity markets, regular and predictable income and lower volatility.

FE’s rankings provide further evidence of this, with four of the five most popular funds in the sector offering significant exposure to infrastructure, with a minimum holding of circa 10%. In addition, two of the top ten funds have infrastructure at the heart of their mandate.

As concern over the investment outlook for a range of other assets grows, we expect to see the demand for UK and global infrastructure continue to meet the needs of advisers and their client’s portfolios in the current climate.

source: Financial Express data June 2019