Happy Fifth Anniversary- Foresight ITS

Foresight Inheritance Tax Solution (Foresight ITS), our Business Property Relief (BPR) based Inheritance Tax Solution is five years old this week.  

Foresight ITS is designed to provide investors with an investment that is low in volatility whilst providing IHT mitigation after just 2 years and enables investors to maintain control and ownership of their investment throughout their lifetime.
Over the past 5 years, Foresight ITS has:
  • More than 1,500 investors
  • Recommended by 500 adviser practices
  • Delivering 3.5%pa target return (net of fees) 
  • Raised more than £184 million
  • Liquidity on average within 15 days (including weekends) when requested
In June 2016 we launched the Foresight Accelerated Inheritance Tax Solution (Accelerated ITS).  Accelerated ITS invests into the same underlying investment categories as Foresight ITS but comes with a two year term insurance policy which is underwritten on a group life basis and has only two eligibility questions.  This means that Accelerated ITS is able to offer investors immediate IHT mitigation via a combination of the term insurance and subsequent BPR exemption up to a £500,000 maximum investment or £1m joint life investment.   

If you would like to find out more about Foresight ITS or Accelerated ITS and join the hundreds of advisers already recommending these products please contact the Foresight Sales Team on 020 3667 8199 or .