Taking the pulse of nature with the big butterfly count | Sustainability Blog

This week ecologists have been busy surveying our Kencot solar site to identify habitats and species and to assess the biodiversity in the area. Our Environmental and Sustainability Manager James Jenkison who oversees our solar sites, has been working hard to improve the biodiversity on our sites, introducing beehives across many of our locations and encouraging wild flowers to grow.

The big butterfly count has been running since the 19th July and wraps up at the end of this week. The count is a nationwide survey aimed at helping us assess the health of our environment. Asides from their obvious beauty, butterflies are excellent biodiversity indicators as they react very quickly to change in their environment. As such, a decline in the species is an early warning sign for other wildlife losses.

We took the opportunity of having ecologists on site to take stock of the butterflies who have made their home at Kencot amongst the wild flowers. James identified a number of different types including; marbled white, common blue and meadow brown and took some photos we wanted to share with you.

The ecologists will be contributing our findings to the big butterfly count and we will continue to cultivate our solar farms and surrounding areas to make them a place for butterflies and other fauna to thrive.