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We have c.£8.1 billion of assets under management and manage money for some of the world's largest institutional investors.

We set our investment strategies based on our view of the long-term global trends shaping our society.

Our growing fund management activities encompass investing in SMEs, infrastructure and renewable energy in the UK, Europe and Australia. Our investment teams adopt a collaborative, energetic and pragmatic approach - a method that has sustainably generated returns for our broad base of institutional investors.

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Our Institutional funds invest in UK SMEs and renewable energy infrastructure across the UK, Europe, and Australia. Click on the funds below to learn more.

InfrastructurePrivate Equity
Foresight Solar Fund Limited (FSFL)Foresight Regional Investment LP
JLENForesight Nottingham Fund LP
Italian Green Bond Fund (IGBF)Foresight MEIF Equity Finance 
ForVEI IIForesight Scottish Growth Fund
Foresight Energy Infrastructure Partners (FEIP)Foresight East of England Fund
Iberian Solar Group 

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The institutional team is responsible for developing lasting relationships with institutional investors around the world. Members explore opportunities for Single-client Managed Accounts, pooled funds and a wide range of other alternative investment structures. The team manages all reporting, correspondence and client service.

As our name suggests, we are constantly looking to the future to identify opportunities that will evoke positive change in the world. That means identifying opportunities ahead of the crowd; it means being flexible; it means being innovative; it means being fast and clear in our decision making; it means applying the expertise of our people to solve problems, to overcome obstacles, to push deals across the line. Above all, it means being completely focused and responsive to the needs of our investors, whilst forging an environment that attracts and rewards the very best talent in our sector and creates a smarter future for the world in which we live.

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