Betify - Investment for Jenson Seed EIS Fund

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Jenson Seed EIS fund
Press release 10/01/2014
Betify– Investment for Jenson Seed EIS Fund

We are pleased to announce the investment by the Jenson Seed EIS Fund into Betify. Betify is a free to play mobile application (app), which makes it easy to create challenges about anything, and share it with friends. Betify allows the user to upload a picture or video proof to convince their audience. By winning challenges, users build their reputation on topics they care about, and earn real rewards such as discounts, vouchers and even real products.

Betify was founded in May 2013 by Samuel Huber a 23 year old French entrepreneur based in London. It has evolved from his own need to challenge his friends during the Football Euro Championship in 2012, to become a global platform where users can create any challenges for free and get rewarded with real objects. The Betify team evolved from a single person when the company was created, up to 10 people as of January 2014.

Betify is not a simple app – it’s a way of life which everybody can embrace. The Company differentiates itself from many other tech companies by promoting the app mostly offline through experiential marketing and events. They have already ran several campaigns in British Universities, mostly Manchester and Nottingham, students being Betify’s core market. Ultimately though, Betify aims to go global and be the go-to app for challenging friends on mobile platforms.

Further information and download are available at and on Facebook.

Notes to editors:

The Jenson Seed EIS Fund is an exciting joint venture between the professional services firm Jenson Solutions and the fund manager Foresight Group. Further information about Seed EIS and the Jenson Seed EIS Fund is available by contacting us on 020 7873 2122 or or, alternatively, look at the website at

About Foresight Group
Foresight is an independent infrastructure and private equity investment manager, which focuses primarily on investments in unquoted UK and European companies or projects and offers investors exclusive access to attractive income and growth opportunities. Foresight has in excess of £1 billion assets under management across a number of funds, including Limited Partnerships, Enterprise Investment Schemes (EISs) and Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs).

About Jenson
Since 2001 the partners of Jenson Solutions have provided numerous companies with financial and operational support to help them grow and develop, with the aim of taking them from where they are today to where they want to be. Jenson provide high quality services such as portfolio and interim finance professionals, mergers and acquisitions advice, corporate finance advice, share option set up, share option valuations, IFRS conversions and accounting and financial modelling services to companies both large and small. A key focus of Jenson Solutions has been to support small businesses from start up through their life cycle. When the government announced their plans for the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (‘Seed EIS’), we saw an opportunity to work with Foresight to create a fund enabling us to support many of the businesses that we work with and would like to work with in the future.