Closed Loop Recycling Hosts International Climate Change Visit

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Yesterday (Wednesday 14 July 2010), international politicians interested in climate change  from around the world visited the pioneering food grade plastic recycler Closed Loop Recycling (in which Foresight Group is an investor) at its Dagenham plant, East London to see in practice how this state-of-the-art recycling facility is mitigating climate change.

Organised by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK Branch (CPA UK) as part of its international parliamentary conference From Global to Local: Climate Change Post-Copenhagen, a delegation of 20 parliamentarians attended the plant and were given a first-hand insight into the innovative facility, which saves up to 52,500 tonnes of CO2 per annum by recycling 35,000 tonnes of PET and HDPE plastic bottles into high quality, food grade material suitable for new food and drink packaging.

Closed Loop Recycling

Delegates followed the journey of a bottle through the plant; from post-consumer plastic bottle bales to high quality, super clean rPET and rHDPE which are supplied by Closed Loop Recycling to major brands such as Britvic, Coca Cola, Solo Cup and Marks & Spencer.

Closed Loop Recycling’s managing director, Chris Dow, commented:  "We were delighted to be asked to work with the CPA UK to host the tour and highlight to some of the World’s most influential environmental figures how closing the loop on recycling can have a huge impact on combating climate change. At Closed Loop Recycling we are proud that our state of the art facility is making such a positive contribution to the environment and the UK's transition to a low carbon economy."
The visit to Closed Loop Recycling was part of a four day conference (12-16 July), From Global to Local: Climate Change Post-Copenhagen, which was attended by over 100 parliamentarians from more than 30 countries, who debated and discussed with UK parliamentarians and environmental policy experts how best to combat climate change through their legislatures in the absence of a binding international agreement.


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Notes to Editors

About Closed Loop Recycling
Closed Loop Recycling’s facility in Dagenham is the World’s first food grade mixed plastic bottle recycling plant.  State-of-the-art sorting and reprocessing technology enables it to sort, granulate, wash and super-clean 35,000 tonnes of recovered plastic bottles, including milk and soft drink bottles which are typically from local authority collections, and turn them back into recycled raw material for new food and drink packaging. The plant diverts a significant amount of waste from both landfill and export and saves up to 52,500 tonnes of CO2 per annum.