Closed Loop Recycling to recycle TfL plastic bottles

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'Waste Management Business of the Year' Closed Loop Recycling, the first facility in the world to recycle both PET and HDPE plastic bottles into food grade material, is partnering with recycling and waste management company Bywaters, supported by the Greater London Authority (GLA), to recycle the capital's plastic bottles left on some of the Tube network.

Used plastic bottles collected on the Tube will be taken to the pioneering Dagenham facility for processing into material for new food and drink packaging, for the likes of Marks & Spencer and Britvic who already receive material from Closed Loop.

The partnership deal is a massive boost to supply for the Dagenham-based company, which has just experienced record throughput tonnage during the last six months, an increase of almost a quarter (22%) on the previous six months and well above capacity. To manage increased demand for plastic recycling facilities, the company is set to expand its operation next year, which will increase its overall capacity by almost double.

Chris Dow, managing director, Closed Loop Recycling comments: "This is not only fantastic news for Closed Loop ahead of our planned expansion, it's great news for Londoners who will now be able to see their used bottles being recycled virtually on their doorstep into brand new packaging by some of the UK’s biggest brands. It’s a big boost for British recycling."

Kulveer Ranger, the Mayor of London's environment director said: "The Mayor's vision of putting the 'village' back into the city is all about creating a cleaner and greener capital. We are absolutely committed to recycling which is why we have put 25 per cent more bins on London's Tube network and send all of the contents off for sorting and recycling. It is great news that plastic bottles placed in bins on the tube are being recycled within the capital, contributing towards London's economy and job market."

John Glover, CEO, Bywaters adds: "We have worked very closely with the GLA since its formation in 2000. Bywaters has maintained an expanding presence in the 'real' East End, having moved from three locations on the Olympic Park in 2006. Creating value from London's waste locally fully supports the Mayor's Proximity Principle, provides much needed local employment and keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum. By working with London's businesses and the public sector Bywaters is determined to achieve more and will continue to lead the way in our 2012 Olympic year, the year in which the Queen & Bywaters both celebrate their Diamond anniversaries."

Bywaters runs two of London’s largest recycling and waste management facilities and currently processes 200,000 tonnes of waste per annum.

Closed Loop Recycling’s Dagenham plant has been operating since December 2008. Its current capacity allows the production of 35,000 tonnes of mixed plastic bottles, producing 11,000 tonnes of rPET and 6,000 tonnes of rHDPE per annum.