Closed Loop Scoops Top Industry Recycling Award

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Closed Loop Recycling has scooped a major industry award at the National Recycling Awards (14 July 2011). Said by judges to be a company that had "come of age”, the UK’s leading plastic food grade recycler won the Recycling and Waste Management Business category, which recognises business growth, customer service, excellence and innovation.

Andrea Lockerbie, acting editor, MRW commented on the award: "Closed Loop Recycling has defined the market, continued to innovate and has contributed an enormous amount of work to the industry. A well deserved award.”

Closed Loop Recycling, was the first facility in the world to recycle both PET and HDPE plastic bottles into food grade material. Prior to the award, it announced earlier this month that it had enjoyed record growth in quarter one of 2011, now recycling over 3.5 million bottles per day, equal to a 22% increase in throughput.

"The award is a fantastic justification of all the hard work that ourselves and all the UK recyclers have put in to create a strong and viable industry. I especially want to thank the whole team in East London, our Australian founder Rob Pascoe and investment partners Foresight Group,” comments Chris Dow, Closed Loop Recycling’s managing director.  "It also reflects the ongoing vision of brands such as M&S, Nampak, Solo Cup and Britvic who have been our customers and partners over the years. We are looking to build on this success with our expansion plans and increased capacity.”

Closed Loop Recycling's innovative sorting and reprocessing technology enables it to sort, granulate, wash and super-clean 35,000 tonnes of recovered plastic bottles per year, including milk and soft drink bottles, and turn them back into recycled raw material for new food and drink packaging.  The plant diverts a significant amount of waste from both landfill and export and using the recycled plastic produced to make new bottles and cups can reduce their carbon footprint by up to 25%.

Facts & Figures
• Recycling 1 tonne of rigid plastic packaging saves up to 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide (WRAP)
• Closed Loop's Dagenham plant is equivalent to removing 13,800 cars from the road
• Using 50% recycled content in an item of packaging reduces its carbon footprint by 25% (WRAP)
• 578,000 tonnes of bottles entered the household waste stream in 2009 (Recoup 2010)
• 260,000 tonnes collected in total (45% vs. 39% in 2008); in 2008 it included c. 86,500 tonnes each of clear PET and natural HDPE (Recoup 2010)
• Strong increase in kerbside collection to over 215,000 tonnes (Recoup 2010)
• 20% increase in bottles collected from 2008 to 2009 (Recoup 2010)
• Proposed Defra target for UK bottle collection by 2020 is 75% (est. 545,000 tonnes)
• There is a strong and growing demand for food-grade recycled plastic
o Companies such as Britvic and Solo Cup have made ongoing commitments to using rPET content in their packaging
o UK Milk Roadmap targets 50% recycled content in all milk bottles by 2020 (est. 80,000 tonnes)
• There is also an increased focus on domestic recycling coupled with tighter export controls for the Far East
• Recycling is continuing to drive the growth in PET supply