Ecosheet wins National Hoarding Agreements from ISG Pearce and Apollo Group

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Leading construction companies ISG Pearce and The Apollo Group are introducing green innovation into mainstream construction by specifying a revolutionary new building product across key areas of their businesses. EcoSheet eSite has been mandated with a number of National Framework Agreements – the first of their kind for hoarding.

Ecosheet, an environmentally-friendly alternative to plywood, is a home-grown success-story developed by 2K Manufacturing (in which Foresight is an investor) in Luton. It uses local waste-plastic to make panels suitable for construction hoarding and which are entirely recyclable at end-of-life.

Both ISG Pearce, with its client ASDA, and The Apollo Group have successfully trialled EcoSheet on retail and social housing projects respectively.  Such was the success of the trials that both companies have confirmed their ongoing commitment to EcoSheet by signing agreements implementing the use of EcoSheet eSite on their sites.

Craig Welmers from ISG Pearce says: “We have been extremely pleased with the way EcoSheet has performed as external hoardings in recent trials and as a result, we are now looking to maximise the opportunity EcoSheet presents to our business.  Encouraging sustainable development, minimising waste and maximising recycling are key elements of our vision and values and are the future of our industry.”

Apollo’s Environmental and Sustainability Manager, Andy Merrin, says: “Apollo is fully committed to sustainable procurement, and we are proud to have been at the forefront of these trials. The introduction of EcoSheet provides us with a viable alternative to plywood, significantly improving the durability and aesthetics of traditional hoarding.”

Other major contractors who have trialled EcoSheet are looking closely at utilising it in place of plywood for hoarding. One of them, Bovis Lend Lease, was instrumental in the early development of the product, through successful trials on site. 

Peter Ball of 2K Manufacturing explains: “EcoSheet delivers significant cost savings coupled with environmental benefits. Ecosheet’s water-impermeability reduces maintenance, meaning extended site-life. Meanwhile Ecosheet’s re-usability and recyclability eliminates the cost of hoarding waste to landfill.”


For more information about EcoSheet or 2K Manufacturing, please contact Intelligent Profile:

Louise Barnett: / 01892 769952 / 07713 742685
Emma Cantrill: / 01892 769958 / 07788 757377

Notes to Editors:

About EcoSheet
EcoSheet is a recycled product which is set to revolutionalise the construction and sign industries.  EcoSheet is the world’s first recycled plastic plywood substitute made entirely from recycled waste mixed plastics that is 100% recyclable at end of life.

Using a unique technological process, Powder Impression Moulding, low grade mixed waste plastic – consumer, industrial and construction waste - is turned into a robust and versatile plastic board for many different purposes that can be used again and again, creating a complete closed loop system.

EcoSheet is being used by the construction industry initially because of the environmental impact relating to plywood.  Over 25 million plywood sheets are used annually which are not recyclable and have to be landfilled.  EcoSheet has been trialed as a sustainable alternative by a number of high profile construction companies. It outperforms imported plywood commercially, operationally and environmentally.

The Luton factory will reprocess 30,000 tonnes of low grade waste plastic, which would otherwise go to landfill or be incinerated, in its first year of operation.  And there are plans to open many more production sites located near consumer waste streams in the UK which will enable the production of up to four million pieces of EcoSheet each year.

EcoSheet offers the following benefits to users:

• Flat with no face defect issues
• Impervious to rain and humidity and can  be stored outdoors
• No painting needed to protect it, but it can be painted
• Available in corporate colours
• Both sides are "A" faces
• Can be jet-washed between uses
• High fixing strength - it can be nailed with 50mm round wire nails, screwed and glued
• Standard sizes: 2440 x 1220 
• Generally lighter than plywood
• Cut edges do not need to be resealed
• Cuts with standard tools, yet without splinters or breakout
• Face repairs are easy and effective
• Cost is similar to plywood
• At end-of-life boards can be returned to 2K Manufacturing for recycling, thereby avoiding disposal cost