Evance established as clear leader with 50 percent share of small wind turbine market

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According to the latest market statistics from RenewableUK, the UK market for 1.5kW–15kW small wind turbines grew by nearly 40 percent in 2012. The majority of customers across the UK chose the Evance R9000 turbine resulting in Evance growing ahead of the sector - capturing market share, with year-on-year installations up by 133%.

  • Customers respond to R9000 turbine's proven reliability and efficiency
  • Evance turbine owners across the country take control of their future energy costs

"Last year we installed half of the total sold nationally - 1 in every 2 turbines were Evance R9000s!” commented Kevin Parslow, CEO of Evance Wind Turbines. "One of the key reasons that we succeeded in growing our market share from 33% to 50% last year is the sheer range of customers for whom our R9000 turbine appeals.”

Evance finds that customers typically turn to small wind as an alternative energy source due to rising energy costs – which continue to increase. A small wind turbine can help them gain greater control over future energy expenditure, as well as reduce overall carbon emissions.

"By adopting small wind solutions rural home owners, farmers and communities are now avoiding fuel poverty and gaining control of future energy costs. Most Evance customers have reduced their energy bills by 50% or more, and fixed their electricity costs for the next 20 years,” added Kevin Parslow.

For generating renewable energy small wind turbine owners can obtain an income from the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme. Kevin Parslow believes; "the current FiT rate is unlikely to be available for new systems installed from 1st April 2014, so to make the most of the FiT income the time to invest is now.”

"It is very gratifying that investors in small wind select the Evance turbine - a British engineered and manufactured product – making it the small wind turbine of choice for the second year running.”


Note: RenewableUK is the trade and professional body for the UK wind and marine renewable industries

About Evance Wind Turbines Ltd

Evance Wind Turbines, a world leading manufacturer of small wind turbines, is dedicated to helping customers capture and use wind power to reduce both energy bills and carbon footprint. Evance has a global footprint of over 1,600 installations helping farmers, home owners, businesses and schools to become green energy producers.

Evance’s 5kW R9000 wind turbine is fully MCS certified, so eligible for the UK’s Feed-in Tariff scheme, and certified in the US and Japan.
As a leading manufacturer of small wind turbines Evance delivers efficient and reliable solutions designed to produce maximum energy yield.

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