Foresight creates unique opportunity with its new Infrastructure VCT shares

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Foresight Group has launched a £30 million Foresight Infrastructure VCT Shares offer which will, for the first time, allow private investors a unique opportunity to invest where institutional money has been profiting quietly for the past 20 years, and because of the VCT structure, to benefit from the potential combination of high income, capital growth and reduced risk in a tax efficient investment.

The Foresight Infrastructure VCT Shares fund offers private investors the opportunity to invest in VCT shares with underlying exposure to infrastructure projects typically involving ownership or operation of essential assets and services, with investments including long term contracts with government or blue-chip companies with high capital costs and high operating margins.

Typical qualifying assets will include:

  • PFI Contracts – such as IT, street lighting and maintenance contracts with government bodies
  • Onsite Power – such as solar PV and traditional CHP plants
  • Energy Efficiency – a new area for the UK market which is already proving successful in the USA

    Jamie Richards, Head of Infrastructure at Foresight Group commented: “Investing in infrastructure has been a winning formula for institutional investors and pension funds offering diversification from the traditional mix of equities, bonds and real estate. We are launching this unique share class within a Foresight VCT to allow private investors to benefit from targeted annual returns of up to 12%, in a sector that offers shelter against market volatility and inflation. Investors will potentially benefit from stable and predictable cash flows, which are a compelling advantage in the current climate.”

    The Infrastructure VCT Shares fund will tap into a robust pipeline of infrastructure assets, and will benefit from the wealth of experience and expertise of Foresight’s fund managers, who between them have more than 80 years’ experience in managing environmental infrastructure investments including secondary PFI contracts and solar power financing.

    Richards explains: “With our focus on sustainable investment, infrastructure is a logical extension to our 80 years’ combined experience in the environmental infrastructure and solar sectors. There is stronger than ever demand amongst installation companies, contractors and local government for infrastructure investment of this kind.

    For more information on the Infrastructure VCT Shares fund please click here for further details