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In conversation with Foresight portfolio company Camloc

We speak with Matt Warne, Director of Camloc, one of our portfolio companies, to learn about their tremendous efforts adapting their business methods to meet demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Camloc is a leading Leicester-based designer and manufacturer of gas springs and dampers, as such, the Company falls into the essential group that are required to power on with production despite the current UK lockdown.

Matt highlights that the infrastructure required by the health and medical sector to drive the UKs battle with COVID-19 exceeds most people’s expectations. Our hospitals are made up of many core components, such as operating tables, beds, lighting and monitor arms, all of which rely on smaller materials to remain operational. This is where Camloc is stepping up.

Companies such as Camloc have had to adapt their strategies to cope with today's radically different business environment. Their workers safety and customer needs are their priority and we are very proud to be supporting such a committed team.

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