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In conversation with portfolio company Footfalls and Heartbeats

We speak with Simon McMaster, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Footfalls and Heartbeats, to discuss how the Company is managing business, both in the office and in the labs, as they respond to the COVID-19 crisis. What certainly stands out is their incredible initiative, 'Masks for the Masses'.

Footfalls and Heartbeats, a smart-textiles manufacturing company based in Nottingham, is typically involved in the production of smart fabrics for consumer markets. The process marries traditional local techniques and state-of-the-art nanotechnology. However, in response to today's health crisis, Footfalls and Heartbeats have managed to rapidly restructure their manufacturing process and are currently producing face masks at an astounding rate of one every two and a half minutes!

They are a driving force in the national initiative to make masks widely available to the British public. You can learn more about Masks for the Masses, here.

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