Nanotecture powers up

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University of Southampton, UK, spin-out Nanotecture is gearing up to commercialise a new nanoporous material that it believes will find uses in a wide range of electricity storage applications.

The company, in which Foresight is an investor, formed in 2003, has initially focused its efforts on optimising the material for use in supercapacitors - and so far has managed to develop supercapacitors that can store three times the specific energy of a standard capacitor at a given power and deliver it three times as fast.

The company believes supercapacitors containing the new materials will find use in a number of applications including starting 'big-rig' trucks, powering flash modules in mobile phones and in collecting the energy generated by regenerative braking systems like the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) used in many of last year's Formula 1 cars.

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