Teracom selects Trilogy for Stockholm Intercom upgrade

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Sweden’s Teracom, the TV distribution and Pay-TV specialist has turned to Trilogy Communications - in which Foresight Group is an investor - through JMG Support AB, its distributor in Sweden, to upgrade the communications systems at the Kaknäs tower facility in Stockholm. The new Mercury IP Intercom system will replace a customised 4 wire router and will, in standard configuration, act as a bi-directional 4 wire router enabling operators to swiftly patch audio to and from multiple events and broadcasters.


The system currently has main and backup operators using Trilogy hardware panels for audio and a touch screen panel for route control. Operators are able to listen to the sources, talk to the broadcasters, make and break the routes or conferences and talk to each other, from any position. The current requirement is for 22 audio circuits which the Mercury Interface Unit (MIU) handles with ease whilst retaining the potential to service many more circuits as Teracom’s needs grow.


Teracom is also benefiting from Mercury’s ability to handle telephone calling within the same matrix, enabling the operators to either fast-dial pre-stored numbers or use a soft keypad to dial occasional numbers. This ensures that co-ordination between the broadcast customers is achieved at minimal cost and with no additional equipment.


Commenting on the new Mercury system, Teemu Korhonen, Transmission Engineer, Teracom AB said “As the last analogue signals at the Kaknäs TV tower disappeared, we dismantled our old analogue video, audio and 4 wire router. We decided to get the Trilogy Mercury MIU as a replacement to handle our 4 wires. The MIU was quick to install, and support from Trilogy was fantastic throughout the installation ­process”.         



Background Information


·         Trilogy has supplied audio communications equipment to customers in more than seventy countries since 1986. The company was originally formed to design and build video and audio infrastructure equipment for the television and radio broadcast market. It continues to serve this market but now also offers its products to a wide array of customers in defence, emergency management, training and simulation, oil and gas, gaming, and other industries.


Trilogy counts some of the world's best known names among its customer base. These include BBC, ITV, CBS, Hearst-Argyle, Fox, Radio France, Arqiva, Star TV, Times TV, Qatar TV, Reuters and many others.


·         JMG Support is responsible for sales across the Trilogy product range into Sweden, this includes; Commander and Orator digital matrix intercoms, Mercury IP intercom systems, Mentor XL master sync/test signal generators and Sentinel video/audio signal monitoring.

·         Teracom AB owns the Teracom Group infrastructure consisting of a broadcasting network for radio and tv, a backbone network that links approximately 600 broadcast stations and a special network for monitoring operations. The Kaknäs tower in Stockholm is the hub for the radio and tv network, with coverage of up to 99.8% of all Swedish households. The company also offers network services for data communication as well as co-location and service. For more information please visit



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