Ukrainian elections see benefits of Trilogy Intercom

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Trilogy – a supplier of audio communications and infrastructure equipment in which Foresight Group is an investor - is pleased to have been able to play a vital role connecting presidential candidates with voters in the recent Ukrainian presidential elections. Supplied through Trilogy’s official distributor in Ukraine, Technical Brothers LLC, the Mercury IP intercom system played a critical role in the ‘Street TV’ facility which provided interactive communications between the candidate and audiences in the different regions.

Installed in a fleet of mobile DSNGs and a hub OB van the system helped to remove the need for the audience and candidate to be physically in the same location and therefore increased their ability to interact with and listen to the electorate. This installation builds on other recent Trilogy successes in the US Presidential, European and UK Local elections where the reliability of a TDM Matrix Intercom and the flexibility of IP connectivity were essential.

Trilogy Intercom

With the tight deadlines and the critical nature of the communications every opportunity was taken to ensure all went to plan. This image shows all of the DSNGs and the hub OB brought together for pre election training and technical shakedown.


This mobile TV network consisted of 10 small DSNG vans and a central hub OB van. All 10 DSNG vans and the OB hub were connected together via a VSAT platform (Provided by TTCOM, Poland). To deliver video to remote locations a DVB-S platform was used. Technical Brothers LLC were able to offer the inherent flexibility and convenience that users of Mercury IP Intercom systems have been enjoying for years as both remote video and all intercom traffic were delivered by a TCP/IP network over VSAT.


As a system integrator, Technical Brothers LLC, chose Trilogy’s Mercury Intercom system due to its enviable reputation for reliability combined with a cost-effective price despite the demanding timeframe of the election campaign. The challenge of this application was to achieve a totally stable intercom with efficient bandwidth usage over a VSAT service. It required very good audio compression, low latency to compensate for the inherent VSAT delay and intelligent traffic allocation.


The solution that was deployed saw a Mercury Interface Unit and two 16 key operator panels installed in the OB hub and each of the remote DSNGs was then equipped with a USB host device simply connected through a laptop computer which was already present and a BlueBox operator desktop unit. The hub OB was connected to each of the DSNGs and additionally provided communications with cameramen and IFB with the moderator who was in a central location.


Talking about the system, Gregory Zinchenko of Technical Brothers LLC said "We are pleased with the flexible IP solutions on offer from Trilogy that allowed us to build an extremely reliable and stable system even with the tightest of deadlines”.  
Background Information

Trilogy Communications Ltd

Trilogy has supplied audio communications equipment to customers in more than seventy countries since 1986. The company was originally formed to design and build video and audio infrastructure equipment for the television and radio broadcast market. It continues to serve this market but now also offers its products to a wide array of customers in defence, emergency management, training and simulation, oil and gas, gaming, and other industries.


Trilogy counts some of the world's best known names among its customer base. These include BBC, ITV, CBS, Hearst-Argyle, Fox TV Poland, Radio France, Arqiva, Star TV, Times TV, Qatar TV, Reuters and many others.

Technical Brothers LLC
Technical Brothers is a leading systems integrator and equipment distributor in Ukraine focused on infrastructure solutions for TV, multimedia data storage centers and multimedia networks. In the last two years successful projects have been completed for clients including;

• TV channels - Inter, Studio 1+1, M1, K1/K2,  CITY, KINO,
• Production Studios - Starmedia, FTT.