When it comes keeping the world in touch, Datapath has all the cards

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The graphic card technology of portfolio company Datapath, was featured in an article in today's 'Derby Telegraph'.

IT is the technology that allowed President Obama to witness the killing of Osama Bin Laden, enables the safe running of trains in New Jersey and will revolutionise in-store advertising.

And when multiple screens on trading floors around the world showed jagged red lines follow a brutal downward trajectory at the end of last week, the chances are that graphics cards designed in Derby were making it all work.

In a anonymous-looking building in Alfreton Road, Derby a firm called Datapath develops products enabling the simultaneous display of vast quantities of information spread across dozens or even hundreds of monitors.

The kind of graphics cards designed by its engineers are not like the kind used for gaming that you can pick up at PC World for under £30.

When you see large banks of screens on the X-Factor, at the Dow Jones, at rock concerts or in mobile command centres in Afghanistan, it will be these graphics cards that make images, graphs and real-time data appear on the right monitors at the right time. Full high-definition images at 60 frames a second.

At a time when many firms are concentrating on survival, in the first quarter of this year, Datapath saw growth of 30% as markets for its products grow and new ones emerge.