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As a business, Foresight always endeavours to act responsibly and fairly in all its dealings, whether dealing with or on behalf of the funds it manages, their investors and boards, potential and existing investee companies, staff, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Foresight invests for the longer term and works with its investee companies to grow shareholder value to the benefit of all parties. As the manager of several VCTs, Foresight and the respective Boards of these fully listed companies, work together to ensure that the principles of corporate governance as laid down by Stock Exchange rules are properly applied.

Foresight endeavours to ensure that its investee companies fully recognise their corporate responsibilities to all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, local communities, the environment and wider society. Foresight also endeavours to ensure that its investee companies operate in a long term sustainable manner, thereby creating stronger and more profitable companies, with a view to generating growing shareholder value and increasing returns for its investors over the long term. Foresight encourages all of its investee companies to adopt current best practice with regard to corporate responsibility, reflecting the circumstances applicable to each company.

For a copy of our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement click here.

For a copy of our Modern Slavery Act Statement click here

UK Stewardship Code

Foresight Group has endorsed the UK Stewardship Code published by the FRC. This sets out the responsibilities of institutional investors in relation to the companies in which they invest.

For more information on the UK Stewardship Code click here.






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