Foresight Scottish Growth Fund

As appointed Fund Manager to the Scottish Growth Scheme, the Foresight Scottish Growth Fund will offer equity investments of up to £2m, in rounds of up to £10m alongside co-investor firms, to growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout Scotland.

We are focused on applying a professional approach to small-cap private equity: working in partnership with management teams to grow their companies and create value for all shareholders.

The Fund will help to realise Scotland’s potential - achieving economic growth and job creation through enterprise. The initial capital of £20m is available for investment until 2024.

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What is the Scottish Growth Scheme?

The Scottish Growth Scheme is a package of financial support of up to £500 million for Scottish businesses. It aims to help small and medium businesses grow throughout the country. This funding will be provided through a series of investment initiatives.

Small and Medium Enterprises across Scotland will have the chance to apply for financial support through five different fund managers, including Foresight. This includes equity investment in deals of up to £2 million, microfinance loans of up to £25,000 and debt or loan finance of up to £100,000. This funding comes from the Scottish Government and the European Regional Development Fund.

Foresight is one of the appointed fund managers tasked with deploying this capital over the next five years. The recently established Foresight Scottish Growth Fund aims to support economic growth and job creation in Scotland, also attracting additional private sector investment, by backing exciting growth companies across a range of sectors.

What types of Companies are eligible?

  • Exciting growth companies - fewer than 250 staff members and less than £50m revenue
  • SMEs
  • Scottish companies - principal place of business or a material part of operations/people/trading in Scotland
  • Strong management teams - with backable business plans
  • Potential for shareholder value growth 
  • Sustainable employment growth 
  • Innovative - launching new products and services
  • Clear and realistic exit strategy 
  • Multi-sector approach - with some sectors excluded. Contact us for more information on exclusions
UP TO£10Mincluding co-investment
for investment overNEXT 5 YEARS £20M AVAILABLE


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