Investment Focus

We invest in established growth businesses, which are typically profitable or on track to profitability in the short to medium term. Companies that enjoy a high visibility of future earnings through long term contracts and recurring revenues are particularly attractive. To facilitate the eventual realisation of the investment, we invest in markets with a history of merger and acquisition activity.

While investing across a wide range of industry sectors, we prefer not to invest in sectors driven by short-term trends or consumer preferences, such as high fashion.

With a broad range of funds, we are able to be flexible in structuring deals, providing a mix of equity, loans or mezzanine finance depending on the transaction and the company’s requirements.

Qualifying companies will have:

Strong and ambitious management team

Qualifying companies will have a strong and ambitious high quality management team.

Sustainable competitive advantage

Qualifying companies will have a sustainable competitive advantage.

Defensible margins

Qualifying companies will have defensible margins.

Well formulated strategy

Qualifying companies will have a well formulated strategy.

Growth potential

Qualifying companies will have a clear vision for growth.

Sector experience

Qualifying companies will have sector experience.

Proven track record

Qualifying companies will have a proven track record.

Investing in most sectors

We will be investing in most industry sectors excluding synthetic fibres and yarns, motor vehicles, steel products, transport, property and financial services.

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