Partnering with Foresight

Our objective is to be the private equity investment partner of choice for dynamic and entrepreneurial management teams throughout the UK. With a focus on a variety of investment types, providing up to £10 million initially, and with capacity for significant follow-on, our services extend well beyond the capital we provide.

Award-Winning Management Team

 We've been investing into companies across the UK for more than 35 years. Click here to learn more about our award winning team.

Flexible Transaction Types

We invest in a range of transaction structures. If we like a business, we will find a way to make it work. Click here to learn more.

Value Add

We have the industry contacts, the skills and the experience to support management teams and can open doors both around the UK and internationally.

Environmental, Social and Governance

This is core to our investment approach and we encourage our investee companies to adopt best practice. Learn more about our efforts here

What we look for in a portfolio company

Companies with a strong presence in the UK 

High-quality management teams 
With a demonstrable track record of revenue and growth, a well-formulated strategy and the drive and expertise to grow their companies

Market-leading positions 
In growing or consolidating niche markets with a clear competitive advantage

Clear business models
With the potential for further growth, often in the UK and overseas

To the business model, commonly displayed through a diversified customer base or predictable revenues

Foresight is committed to backing female entrepreneurs, we are investing in women

Foresight is a proud signatory of the Investing in Women Code, an initiative implemented by HM Treasury to make the United Kingdom one of the most attractive countries in the world to start and grow a business by advancing female entrepreneurship.

Foresight is committed to creating an inclusive culture and advancing access to capital for female entrepreneurs; we are investing in women. Together with the HM Treasury and signatory firms, we have:

  • A nominated member of senior leadership, Partner Claire Alvarez, who is responsible for ensuring female entrepreneurs have equal access to finance
  • Committed to standardised reporting on Foresight Private Equity's investment activities and improving industry transparency in reporting
  • Committed to the shaping internal practices to improve female entrepreneurs access to funding

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