Type: Buyout Capital

Total Originally Invested:

Initial Investment: August 2014

Sector: Industrials & Manufacturing

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Crowle Wharfe Engineers Limited (CWE) is a leading provider of safety-critical end-to-end engineering solutions for the rail, power, oil & gas and steel industries. Services range from design and manufacture to installation, maintenance and refurbishment. The company has over 50 staff including a highly skilled team of certified inspectors, welders and engineers.

CWE's Bespoke Coupler Facility offers a complete refurbishment service of the most safety critical components within the rail industry. CWE regularly advises rail standards authorities on changes to technical specification and design and brings unrivalled knowledge to the overhaul of both mechanical and hydraulic variants. CWE has over 40 years of experience in power generation and understands the requirements for working in challenging environments, working with power stations across Europe, including Drax. CWE's expertise in producing high quality components for hostile environments is also a differentiator in oil and gas markets, such as the manufacturing of pipe handling systems for land and sea rigs.

Foresight Investment

In April 2014, the Foresight Nottingham Fund supported a BIMBO led by the incumbent Directors Ian Siddle and Mark Lifsey and introduced a new Managing Director Chris Brown, who has extensive rail sector and mechanical engineering experience.