Corporate Social Responsibility

At Foresight, we pursue a holistic approach to sustainable business and believe an engaged and empowered workforce supports the company’s purpose. For us, Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) means enterprises taking responsibility for their impact on society and their staff.

Corporate Social Responsibility describes how Foresight seeks to co-ordinate and manage its corporate practices to maximise positive social and economic contributions and minimise the environmental impact of its business operations. Engagement with key clients, employees, community, environmental stakeholders, regulators, business partners and suppliers is central to Foresight’s approach.

 You can read our Sustainability and ESG Policy in full here.

Staff Wellbeing

We hope that engaging with staff openly about mental health and wellbeing can help us at Foresight overcome stigma and create a healthier working environment. From outlining what wellbeing actually means to those in the company, to understanding ways of supporting others through challenging times, it allows us to be better equipped as we go forward.

We have launched a new podcast, Wellbeing, that promotes dialogue around what it means to actually be well. The series focuses on some of the theories around wellbeing and discusses practical advice, in the context of the workplace and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Click here to listen to our Wellbeing podcast.